Expert Programme

The word „school“ might sound rather repulsive during summer holidays but let’s not miss the (tropical) forest for the trees. Those who are all at sea on this year’s jungle of the programme sections will surely welcome a helping hand of our expert programme. Film professionals, experts and artists will be giving lectures and talks on the curiosities and tricky aspects of filmmaking and film history. Katinka Farago will bring a whiff of the legend. She spent 30 years working side by side Ingmar Bergman and everything she knows is worthy of notice. Mike Leigh, a famous British chronicler of everyday life, or Roland Klick will share the details of their methods. We will look back at one hundred years of our republic with Pavel Kosatík, review the extraordinary careers of Iva Janžurová and Meir Lubor Dohnal or dive into virtual reality or the history of television. To make it short, you will set out for the journey that will make you stuffed with knowledge and (hopefully) happier.