How can I buy my accreditation?

Log in to My SFS or, if it is your first visit, create an account. Select the length of your accreditation, tickets for extra programme, accommodation or merchandise and add them to your basket. Review the selected items in your basket. The basket empties when there is no activity for 90 minutes. Select the method of payment and proceed according to the instructions. You can pay online with a debit card or send the payment via bank wire transfer. Online payments will be confirmed immediately. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to pay at the box office.

What are accepted payment methods?

We prefer online debit card payment. You will be notified by email shortly after we receive the payment. If you don’t have a debit card, you can pay via wire transfer. We should receive the payment within three days, by July 20 at the latest. International payments can only be made though debit cards. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to pay later at the box office.

Can I go to a movie without accreditation?

Yes, you can buy a 6-ticket or a 12-ticket pack with the ticket vouchers for a movie of your own choice. The packs are available in My SFS and, starting July 1, at MIC Uherské Hradiště (information centre located in Masaryk Square) or during the festival at the SFS Info Point. The tickets are not reserved in your name. Accreditation holders can buy tickets via our accreditation system and give them to their friends or a family. A 6-ticket pack is for 550 CZK, a 12-ticket pack for 950 CZK. The number of ticket packages is limited so don’t leave it to the last minute!

What are the benefits of having an accreditation?

Accreditation holders have free admission to all film screenings and art exhibitions. They can buy tickets for extra programme with a 50% discount. They can also enjoy discounts at selected restaurants and cafés.


Where can I pick up my accreditation, tickets and merchandise?

If you’ve paid in advance, go straight to SFS Accreditation Point in Hvězda Cinema to collect your accreditation and tickets. If you need to make a last-minute purchase, go to SFS Info Point outside Hvězda Cinema. If you don’t want an accreditation, you can just buy the ticket packs in SFS Shop (SFS Info Point).


What kind of discount can I get?

All students (ISIC, KM EURO 26 Student, ALIVE card holders or the holders of a student status certificate), teachers (ITIC card holders), 60+ seniors, disabled persons and film club members can obtain a discount. Please present the documents within three days following your purchase. You can either upload the documents via our accreditation system or email them at slevy@lfs.cz. You will receive the confirmation by email. Each participant can only apply for one type of a discount.

Disabled persons can obtain a 50% discount for you and your guardian. In this case, a handicapped person will pay the full price and will receive two accreditations. Please email us your requests in advance at slevy@lfs.cz.

Are film screenings marked with age ratings?

15 and 18 rated films are labelled in our daily programme. All other screenings are suitable to anyone over 6 with a valid ticket or accreditation.

Can I make a reservation or buy a ticket for a particular screening?

No, there is no reservation system at SFS. Please come to the screenings well in advance.

Is industry programme in the tents open to the public?

Yes, the industry programme in the park is free for for everybody. Yet accreditation holders have first priority. Others will be let in ten minutes before the start of the programme if the capacity allows it. Usually, Film Lectures have the highest attendance so if you are planning to visit any of these debates, we recommend you to buy a 1-Day accreditation.

Where can I book my accommodation?

All accreditation holders can purchase accommodation. We offer sleeping bag accommodation (in the schools, gyms and in camps) or beds/rooms in the dormitories (UTB and Mojmír).

When and where can I find the festival daily programme?

Our daily programme will be published at the turn of June and July 2018.

Is there a lost property service?

Lost property service will be situated at SFS Info Point where you can also bring found items. After the festival, email your questions regarding the lost property at produkce@lfs.cz.

Is there a free PC point at the festival?

Yes, you can use computers at SFS Info Point to buy accreditation or the tickets.

What are the opening hours of SFS Festival Centre, SFS Accreditation Point and SFS Info Point/Shop?

First day of the festival from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., the following days from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Sunday, August 5, the only service open will be SFS Info Point/Shop, that one from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Can I bring my dog?

No animals are allowed to the festival screening rooms.

Cancellation policy

If you’ve already bought your accreditation, tickets for extra programme or booked your accommodation, but cannot come to the festival, we will refund part of your money according to the following rules:

– 90% of the amount before June 30,
– 50% of the amount from July 1 to July 20,
– we will refund the money to your bank account within 30days,
– no refunds will be issued after July 21, but you can rebook your accreditation to someone else.

If you decide to stretch your accreditation, you will just cover the price difference.

If you need to cancel your accreditation, email us at platby@lfs.cz.

Green festival

Summer Film School goes green. In collaboration with the waste collection point in Uherské Hradiště (Sběrné suroviny UH) greenpoints will be set up on the festival grounds in order to separate paper, plastic, cans and tetra packs. The greenpoints will be situated close to all screening and accommodation venues and around the town. Waste collection will be managed by a specially modified rickshaw.