Industry at SFS 2018

For a long time, Summer Film School has delivered its visitors constant film education. This year, we have decided to broaden our previous activities and launch a new Industry Programme on Film and Audiovisual Education. Its first edition is organized in cooperation with NaFilM: National Film Museum.
All those who are interested in film education will have an opportunity to meet various Czech and foreign guests and become acquainted with their projects, approaches and experience – not only in panel discussions but also during practical demonstrations of their works and hands-on activities.
This year’s edition will present some proven and innovative educational formats. We will offer unique analogue film screenings, new alternatives to animation workshops or the workshops aimed at assembling a simple analogue film projector, creation of holograms, virtual reality and VR glasses. Moreover, we will introduce some possibilities in forwarding film and media education to exhibition halls and museums by means of interactive installations. The practical ways of using interactive exhibits and conducting school educational program will be discussed with experienced Czech and foreign curators.
The whole programme is free of charge and is intended for teachers of elementary, secondary and art schools, lectors of courses and workshops for children and youth, cinema managers, film club members and all those who are interested in film education. The Industry Programme is also open to SFS visitors, which allows us to test the new forms of workshops in parallel.

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Film Workshops Differently!
(Panel Discussion)

August 1, 2018 / 10:00-12:00 am
Klub kultury 2

From Cardboard Glasses to Making Your Own Virtual Reality (VR Workshop)

August 1, 2018 / 1:30-4:30 pm
Reduta 3

Create Your Own Hologram and Laterna Magica (Workshop)

August 1, 2018 / 5:00-6:00 pm
Reduta 3

Archeoscope – Special Projection Apparatus: Live Film Performance

August 1, 2018 / 8:00-9:00 pm
Galerie slováckých vín

Films in Museums: Film Education with Interactive Exhibits (Panel Discussion)

August 2, 2018 / 10:00-12:00 am
Klub kultury 2

Be a VJ: Videomapping and Live Animation in Open Space

August 2, 2018 / 1:30-3:00 pm
Reduta 3

Alchemy of Film Materials: Edit, Load, and Screen!

August 2, 2018 / 3:30-5:00 pm
Reduta 3


Marco Olim

Marco Olim teaches Hypermedia Design and Web Development at University of Madeira, focusing his research on Robotics and Interactive media. He is also a Software Developer at the Education Community Platform (PLACE), a Web Application that covers all educational system activities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, from kindergartens to high schools. In previous years, he led the Multimedia Division of Madeira Environment Agency and the STEM Department of Francisco Franco High School.

Sandra Camara

Sandra Camara is currently working as a research assistant at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. She used to be an art and computer science teacher and later moved into developing educative games for kindergarten students. Following this, she enrolled in the Masters of Entertainment Technology, which allowed her to further develop skills in the areas of game design, human computer interaction, interaction design and multicultural teamwork.

Tessa Stoke

Tessa Stoke has degrees in media and education. She began her career in children’s media at Nickelodeon, where she worked several years in marketing communication. In 2009, she left the world of children’s television to dive into the world of media and education. In 2010, she became a member of the educational team of Cinekid (combining this with teaching at primary school). In 2017 she was appointed a head of Education, which makes her responsible for the educational profile of the organisation, the school programme of the festival and different year-round film and media education activities and collaborations, including teacher trainings.

Stefanie Plappert

Stefanie Plappert is a Theatre, Film and Media scholar (Frankfurt University), and a curator in Deutsches Filminstitut / Deutsches Filmmuseum. Since 2012, she has been responsible for several exhibitions, including „Film NOIR!“ (2012), „Conscious Hallucinations. Filmic Surrealism“ (2014) and „RED in Film“ (2017). Additionally, she has been involved in collaborations with the Staedelmuseum (Dark Romanticism, 2012) and the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (, 2013). Her exhibitions feature film installations and explore the possibilities of engaging new technologies in exhibitions.

Sebastian Rosenow

Sebastian Rosenow is a cultural scholar (history and media studies), a masters student in „Film Culture: Archiving, Programming, Presentation“ at Goethe University in Frankfurt and a freelancer in the Film Education Department of the Deutsches Filminstitut / Deutsches Filmmuseum. There he is mainly responsible for the MiniFilmClub, the film education project for pre-school children.

Maria Mang

Maria Mang graduated from Tallinn University in 2005. In 2007, she was appointed a head of Estonian Film Museum which holds a permanent exhibition of filmmaking processes. She teaches film and media at one of Tallinn’s secondary schools where she developed a unique curriculum that determines understanding the film language with the knowledge of its history. Maria Mang is also a president of Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council, an independent non-profit organization that enables cooperation among archives, libraries and the museums storing audiovisual collections.

Linda Arbanová

Linda runs a film educational project called Aeroschool which provides film and audiovisual education for children, adults, seniors and schools. Aeroschool also contributes to Prague studio ZVUK that organizes educational programs on electronic music, music theory and production. Linda is an amateur animator and a VJ. She makes animated movie videos and projections for Czech bands. She studied art at the Faculty of Education, Charles University, where she still works as a lecturer of film and animation subjects.

Matyáš Trnka

Matyáš Trnka began his studies in information technologies but later on redirected to fine arts and graduated from animation at FAMU. Trnka is an artist, animator, and film director who, since 2015, has also been teaching at Václav Hollar High School of Arts, the school he himself previously attended. He is a co-author and a curator of Trnka’s Garden exhibitions that are based on a book by his grandfather, painter and filmmaker Jiří Trnka.

František Týmal

František graduated from Prague’s FAMU. He likes experimental film and explores the use of audiovisual technologies in theatre and art. He is a co-founder of Kinoapará and Free Cinema – a program for open film education.

Jan Kulka

Jan studied film editing at Prague’s FAMU. He is a creator of pre-cinematographic devices that refer both to the prehistory and the present state of cinematography. After his magic box, in which he studied the perception of abstract images and light, he now introduces a Prejection Apparatus that is meant to manifest the cinematography itself, with its standardized, forgotten or blind evolution branches being revived and articulated again through one machine.

Adéla Mrázová

Adéla has been engaged in NaFilM since 2014. She co-founded this project with Terezie Křížkovská and Jakub Jiřiště during her film studies at Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Since then, she has been curating regular exhibitions that cover particular parts of the Museum. She is a chief editor of a film server called, a community manager in film distribution company Artcam and a film festival programmer. Her research activities are focused on film education and on an international project called ThinkFilM.

Terezie Křížkovská

Terezie is one of the co-founders of NaFilM: National Film Museum, which she runs with Adéla Mrázová and Jakub Jiřiště. She is a curator of Na film! (2015-2018) exhibition, a co-author of film educational programs and a coordinator of the ThinkFilM international research projects that concentrate on merging film education with exhibitions. Terezie was also a production assistant to many film projects, e.g. The Blacksmith from Woodham (2013) or Little Feather (2016).


Adéla Mrázová

Industry Programme Coordinator
+420 603 195 998

Terezie Křížkovská

Industry Programme Coordinator
+420 723 219 582

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