Films in Museums: Film Education with Interactive Exhibits

(Panel Discussion)

Thursday, August 2, 2018 / 10:00-12:00 am
Klub kultury 2

This panel will focus on the possibilities for the engagement of film and media education in exhibitions. Film exhibitions and museums are a great place to employ different approaches to film media via interactive installations. The panel will host Czech and foreign curators who will share their experience both in arranging such exhibitions for children and teenagers and in developing and managing educational programs for schools.

The discussion will be joined by Stefanie Plappert, a curator of the German Film Museum in Frankfurt, who plans and organizes the permanent as well as temporary exhibitions, and Sebastian Rosenow, a leading educator of the Museum’s film educational programs, who will introduce the new workshops for the youngest visitors. Maria Mang, a head of the recently opened Estonian Film Museum, will describe the Museum’s strategies and educational programs. Other alternative approaches on how to incorporate interactive installations into educational programs will be presented by Adéla Mrázová, a co-founder of NaFilM: National Film Museum, soon to be opened at a permanent site in Prague, and Matyáš Trnka, a curator of an interactive travelling exhibition called Trnka’s Garden.

The whole discussion will be translated into Czech and English.

Hosted by: Terezie Křížkovská (NaFilM: National Film Museum)
Guests: Maria Mang (Estonian Film Museum, EST), Stefanie Plappert and Sebastian Rosenow (Filmmistitut Frankfurt, GE), Adéla Mrázová (NaFilM: National Film Museum) and Matyáš Trnka (Trnka’s Garden, CZ).