Film Workshops Differently!

(Panel Discussion)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 / 10:00-12:00 am
Klub kultury 2

This panel will address various forms of innovation in film workshops. It will host experienced Czech and foreign lecturers who will explain their approaches on how to make film workshops differently, often with the help of advanced and accessible technology (e.g. smart phones). They will describe the kinds of workshops they make as well as the ways they make it, including the outcomes and the feedbacks from various age groups. The aim is to share experience, inspire others and give advice on how such workshops should be organized. The panel will be followed by afternoon presentations of the selected workshops which give all participants a chance to try all kids of methods (the follow-up presentations will take place on both days of the programme).

We are very pleased that our invitation to share professional experience was accepted by the Portuguese lecturers from Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute who explore the use of new technologies in education and by the chief of the Department of Education in the Netherlands Cinekid Foundation that organizes MediaLab educational workshops on utilizing modern media. The discussion will be joined by several Czech lecturers who will advise us on how to employ the long forgotten analogue techniques. The panel will be hosted by Linda Arbanová, a founder of Aeroschool, who will talk on innovative forms of videomapping and live animation in free space.

The panel will be translated into Czech and English.

Hosted by: Linda Arbanová (Aeroschool)
Guests: Sandra Camara a Marco Olim (Interactive Technologies Institute, PT), Tessa Stoke (Cinekid/MediaLab, NL), František Týmal and Jan Kulka (CZ).