DJ Yukimura + Abu

Friday 27. 7. / 10:30 pm / Mír Club
Free entrance for everyone
DJ Yukimura has been selecting, producing and promoting music for more than 20 years. He focuses on electronic and acoustic music in all variations.
Abu has been playing for more than 15 years. He has no limitations regarding the styles. He plays both dance and experimental, warm and cold synthetic sounds.

DJ Maceo (Grundfunk / Radio Wave)

Saturday 28. 7. / 10:00 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
DJ Maceo merges classic funk with soul rhythms, boogie, disco, old school hip hop or acid jazz. The most important element in his selection is groove. DJ Maceo played gigs with Incognito, Soul II Soul, The Brand New Heavies, Monkey Business or the legendary J.A.R.

Tea Jay Ivo

Sunday 29. 7. / 10:30 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
Ivo Pospíšil aka Tea Jay Ivo is a recognised musician, art manager, bass guitar player, DJ and an interesting personality of the Czech underground. Back in the 1970s, he played with Plastic People of the Universe and DG 307. Ivo Pospíšil runs its Radio 1 programme called Vintage Cool which focuses on music of the 1950s and 1960s.

DJ Tropicalista y (Radio 1)

Monday 30. 7. / 10:30 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
DJ Gadjo’s performance abounds with the atmosphere of Balkan weddings, Frida Kahlo’s birthday fiesta or Berlin multi-culti carnivals. A huge portion of instant childish friskiness, naivety and optimism.

DJ Jeffology

Tuesday 31. 7. / 10:30 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
DJ Jeffology is a member of Champion Sound band that supported many rap music projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Germany and USA. He delivers gigs at various dance parties all over Europe. DJ Jeffology plays mostly jazz, soul, funk, future R’n’B and rap.

Lunchmeat presents 1LFF & Two Pixels Above live

Wednesday 1. 8. / 10:30 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy treats Two Pixels Above as mostly but not strictly drum and bass live project of two producers who sometimes perform under the monikers Touchwood (Dleeb) and Subject Lost.
1LFF (One Love Food Fun) is a trio of Czech-Slovak DJs oscillating somewhere between deep dubstep and bass music.

DJ Tomino & Myslivec

Thursday 2. 8. / 10:00 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
Tomino & Myslivec are Tomáš Kelar and Prokop Holoubek and they are from Brno. They are both members of electropop band Midi Lidi, founders of music festival and club nights Itch My HAHAHA, and DJs. Tomáš runs Brno’s famous music club Kabinet Múz, Prokop operates in PRAGUE/Forum for architecture and media.

Bassta Fidli DJs

Friday 3. 8. / 10:00 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
Hippie techno, zombie house and kosher electro party vibes, special deco and live percussion – that’s Bassta Fidli Crew from Uherské Hradiště.

Barbora (Tetris)

Saturday 4. 8. / 11:00 pm / Mír Club
Free entry for everyone
Barbora is a Prague’s DJ and promoter. She organizes electronic music nights in FAMU Club and runs parties called Tetris. Her gigs supported performances of many significant producers, such as Roman Flügel, Recondite, Mall Grab, PLO Man, Sebastian Mullaert, Matrixxman, Julia Govor, Wolfram or Waxtefacts.