Silent Film and Live Music:
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

When it comes to the silent film of Weimar Republic, several key names call to mind. Apart from Fritz Lang or Ernst Lubitsch it was mainly Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau who left an imprint (not only) on German cinematography of that time. Murnau influenced many of the greatest directors, including Alfred Hitchcock. He radically contributed to German Expressionism (Nosferatu, Faust) and Kammerspiele (The Last Laugh). His films were highly remarkable for a unique visual style. He dared to use different camera angles and framings and often shot without a tripod. In the mid-1920s, alongside with other German directors, Murau left for Hollywood to work on one of his most recognizable works, Sunrise, which won him three Oscars at the 1st Academy Awards ceremony. His 100th birth anniversary poses a great opportunity to dedicate Murnau more complex attention.